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The Blood Jet Is Poetry, And There Is No Stopping It --- S. Plath [entries|friends|calendar]

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im really writing this for barbaras amusement :D and my own, ill admit. [15 Dec 2008|11:47am]
[ mood | anxious ]

the past couple of days have been very eventful...
im hesitant to write because im sitting in a very very crowded computer courtyard at MDC and im almost 100% sure that everyone in the entire room is reading this entry.

in fact...
i think im gonna chicken out and stop now. hot guy sitting next to me.

but seriously folks
i hope my fafsa goes through.... annnnnd... the baby isnt eaten by a crocodile fetus.

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bananas come and go, but shakes are forever o_O [24 Nov 2008|10:35am]
[ mood | weird ]

I'm in my math lab, typing way too loud and not doing math. Go figure!
As for a real update, uh, well, nothing much. Working @ B+N still, hate the disorganized management and the smell of homeless men bleeding and peeing and jacking off to the sex books. Uhhh, aside from Barbs, I'm wondering who else is using this still...

my eyeballs hurt cuz i forgot to take my contacts off last night.
my sisters being a cuntbag because she wont even ask to hang with me and i havent seen her in 2 years.
im worried about taking eddy, my bf, to meet her because i dont want to subject him to her bitchness.

barbs comes in today... the only upside to this week. that and my vacation from work :D
well, much love.


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Soooo.... ITS BEEN A WH-ILE [22 Nov 2008|09:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well, I'm 20. I'm right now at Lisas apartment, who is visiting from PA and is going to St. Joe's Uni. I'm also here with Felicia Mensing! People I have not seen in yyeeeeeaars. and then i stumble upon my LJ. Well, the last time I wrote in this, it was in Feb of 07. Its now Nov of 08 and... lots have changed. some for the better, and some not. but regardless, im still here and kickin. RAWR.

ill continue to write.



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For those of you who haven't tuned into Myspace or Facebook [22 Feb 2007|02:29pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Funny, I never ever use Livejournal anymore, yet I'm being hypocritical because here I am looking through it and posting a long awaited (on my behalf anyway) entry.

Miami Dade is fine.
I'd like to get through it as fast as possible.
But that's not happening.
Whatever, can't bitch, that's life.

I'm working again at Frankie's Big City Grill.
Financial investments:
-> Future apartment
-> Random Splurges
-> New digital camera
and whatever else may come in my direction.

With friends being in different states, all enjoying the lucky opportunity of college life, I've found myself learning lessons and growing as a person. My decisions are less rash, my reasoning has improved, and controlling and taking responsibility for my actions is turning out to be a good thing. I'm, of course, still far from perfect like every other human being. I still smoke like a chimney, bite my nails, over-analyze situations, among other things. Picked up new habits, bad and good, and I'm taking it moment by moment.

If you ponder what else Dukie is up to, just check my myspace or facebook.

Samantha :]

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....wow! [03 Aug 2006|08:06pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


yeah check it out.

turns out the interview and everything is a scam. they want you to be a life and health insurance agent and to do that you need to pay 300 dollars to get your liscense. and take an exam. and thats out of your own pocket. plus its more of a career then a part time job for a college student. ended up sitting for a full 45 minutes and listening to Ken King babble on about how great the company was and how we just HAVE to commit to it. Mmmmm...no thanks. But I did learn a lot about business. and let me say for the record...i will never ever major in it. UGH.

its time to kiss some ass at the mall.
since its all i have left!

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hello there. fuck me. im eighteen! [07 Jul 2006|09:17pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

earning independence.
evaporating financial support.
exclusive entrance into clubs because my best friends brother is a dj.
eating every receipt that pops out of ATMs, the one mocking you, staring you in the face, telling you that withdrawing is wrong and at this point if i dont create a steady income i will spontaneously combust.

eighteen = broke.
eighteen = dukie needs to deal with her obvious job choices;

+ going back to being a veterinary tech and dealing with xrays, surgeries, blood, and 150 pound dogs that need to be carried into a very small cage.
+ going back to that sick son-of-a-bitch frankies and giving those yuppie scum their greasy, fattening, slaughtered cheeseburgers, and wiping up their mess. fucking cavemen customers.

good lord im begging you.
anyone reading this.
enjoy being 17.

AND FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY IN THIS WORLD SOMEONE PLEASE! LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS A SECRETARIAL/RECEPTIONIST JOB AVAILABLE. PLEASE! IF YOU KNOW AN OFFICE, YOUR PARENTS OFFICE, YOUR FRIENDS GREAT UNCLES OFFICE, YOUR MOMS EX BOYFRIENDS COUSINS COMPANY. let them know...theres a desperate little eighteen year old adult girl. who can type 50 wpm even stoned. well dont mention the stoned part. and...and... oh lawd. my summer is going to be spent on just searching for that perfect job. and i refuse to babysit anymore. no. i dont refuse. *ahem*


i need a hug.
bwah =(
but more than that.
i need a job.
double bwah.

besides that.
birthday was simple and sweet.
my mom bought me a new digi camera.
so yay yay. pictures to come soon.
well. as soon as i figure out kodak.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!! and i fucking MEAN IT!

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ew. im an "alumni" now. [26 May 2006|09:53pm]
i can't believe i graduated five days ago.
walking across that stage felt like a dream.

its funny, i can feel this transition. i got my bank account open. i applied to seven stores at the mall. most of them retail except for some delicious smelling candle store.

ive also got more use of the car now.
but it means that i have to pay for gas.
well barbara takes care of that for me since i normally drive to her house anyway.
shes a sweet girl.
except for her claws of doom.

nothing much is different...
my mom trusts me more since i've graduated. my dad and relatives gave me assloads of money which i put most into savings. why is dukie saving money? so she can afford her own apartment. or at least split rent. my second year of college i'd like to be in an apartment with some roomies, getting my independence on. i already received my moms blessing, because i think she had the idea i would live under her armpit forever. ;D but yet again i dont know where ill be in a year. The west coast? DC? miami? northen FL? who fucking knows.

for know
like i told my friend, precious,
"everything seems to be falling into place."

for the seniors of 2007.
enjoy this last year of highschool.
because i wish i could relive it one more time.
as much as i said "omfg i cant wait to leave i cant wait to GET OUT OF HERE"
theres so much to miss as well.
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[02 May 2006|07:41pm]
everybody get down and make love.

♥ =)
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[07 Mar 2006|06:52pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

im good.


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[25 Feb 2006|10:50pm]
[ mood | fuckin freaked out ]

Final Destination 3 = insomnia and severe paranoia.

why do i WATCH these movies?!!

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it was bound to happen sooner or later... [15 Feb 2006|07:22am]
[ mood | guilty ]

got into my first real car accident last night. i was by myself, driving home from aventura around 830 and this undercover police car with NO flashing lights was parked in the middle of the damn lane pulling this other guy over and giving him a ticket. I was going like 35 mph and i had just put on my seatbelt after taking it off to remove my sweater and when i looked up I saw the car parked and swerved to the left lane to avoid hitting the parked cop car and rammed into another car because I didnt check to see who was coming up beside me and if it was safe to switch. I panicked because I thought I wouldnt have enough time to put on the breaks to avoid hitting the parked one.

Soooo. It felt like a dream for a moment. I shut my eyes just as my car hit the other guy, and heard this horrible scraping/crashing sound and then opened them (felt like i had my eyes shut for 10 min when it was really just a blink) and i slammed my breaks to avoid hitting him at full impact. When my car stopped, I, pmsing like a hoe, starting crying hysterically. I jumped out of my car and was like, apologizing profusely to the guy I hit. He was so fucking nice about it though. He got a long dent/scratch along the side of his pick up truck and my front end of the car was smashed up. (Nice thing...my airbag didnt even fucking come out).

After all that mess, calling my mom and michael to come to the accident, and waiting around with the guy I hit, its insane. The cop who was busy with someone else just LEFT. The guy I hit was okay, and I am too, but reallllll fucking shaken up. I was crying hysterically and the guy I hit was trying to calm me down lol

My front bumper is gone.
My left headlight is gone.
Somethings hanging from the bottom of my car.
But thank the lawd im alright. My back hurts and my muscles are still sore so my doctor told me to stay home for 24 hours to keep an eye on me and make sure my pain doesnt get worse.

Insurance will cover damages.
I wont have my car till the beginning of next month though (until its fixed).
I'm still shaken up man.
Fuckin scary.
I hate accidents and I'm scared to drive now.

wahhh...at least im okay and the guys okay.
<3 dukie

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[11 Jan 2006|05:21pm]
Due to a conversation in Chorus class about Livejournal (yes i actually remember chorus class believe it or not) I decided to update.

Nothing much has changed. No word from Barry Uni yet.
Life is okay. School is okay. Friends are amazing. Love life is currently on hold. Yadda yadda. I think I'm going to take up a new hobby that doesnt involve spending money. Maybe I should take up tango dancing. Wait. Classes are expensive. Hahaha. I don't know. Random idea. Well..

The End =P
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[29 Dec 2005|07:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

im going to the aerosmith/lenny kravitz concert jan 19th!!
w00tage!! =)

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[15 Sep 2005|11:59am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


Which Mean Girl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

What a surprise.

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Okay [02 Sep 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Movies tonight--- 40 Year Old Virgin =)


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[01 Sep 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]



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WARPED TOUR 2005 [06 Aug 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
it was so incredibly crowded and fucking fun!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
MCR came on and i almost had heatstroke!! lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
random hot guys ass =D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
MCR made my day complete.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
some guy on stage spraying the crowd with cold water. ahhhh!! i cant believe i screamed i love you. hahahaa

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
kat takes a breather in the grass

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and believe me. even the GRASS was crowded. lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
you all ROCKED <3!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
they were actually selling too.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
barbs and i, dying of heat stroke and sweating like nasties. hahaha. EVERYONE at warped tour smelled like sweat, alcohol and ciggies. and pot. lol.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"I want to DIE!!!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
B-rabs, Max and Denise =)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Denise and I!

Hope these came out. Had a blast even though it felt like 100 degrees lol.

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Ahem... Now then. [28 Jul 2005|10:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Okay. Now what. [26 Jul 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | amused ]

New livejournal everyone. This is hotpinkbacon aka the Dukie <3 So yes. Mad love.

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